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O’odham Sacred Site of Quitovac once again under threat from US Gold Mining Company Silver Scott Mines

November 24, 2011

Many of you may remember the recent victory of saving Quitovac to a proposed toxic waste dump. Well Again this Sacred site is under siege. Now to the threat of a gold mine… This is a Resolution from Traditional O’odham elders in opposition to the proposed mine  that was recently posted from the O’odham Solidarity Project Blog:

Traditional O’odham Leaders

Traditional O’odham Governors of O’odham Communities
Sonora, Mexico
Whereas, the Traditional O’odham Leaders represent O’odham communities of northern Sonora, Mexico, and are recognized as the official representatives sanctioned by the community members and recognized by the state and federal government of Mexico, and,
Whereas, the Traditional O’odham Leaders have discussed the proposal of Silver Scott Mines, Inc., to conduct open-pit mining operations near the community of Quitovac, Sonora, Mexico and,
Whereas, the Traditional O’odham Leaders, as the official recognized representatives of the O’odham community of Quitovac, Sonora, Mexico are outraged that the Mexican Government has not properly informed the affected region of their plans to consider the proposal of Silver Scott Mines, Inc., and,
Whereas, the Traditional O’odham Leaders are opposed to any disturbance of land within close proximity to the O’odham ceremonial grounds in Quitovac, Sonora, Mexico
Now Therefore be it Resolved, that the Traditional O’odham Leaders, after discussing the proposal of Silver Scott Mining, Inc., and after considering the damaging impacts the mining operations will cause to the environment and ecosystem, are strongly opposed to the operation proposal of Silver Scott Mines, Inc., and,
Be it Further Resolved, that the Traditional O’odham Leaders charge the Mexican Federal Government and the Government of the State of Sonora to enforce the existing cultural and environmental protections laws of Mexico, and to conduct a transparent Impact Assessment and a Cultural and Environmental Impact Study, so as to allow the community of Quitovac and its representatives to make an informed decision regarding the proposal and,
Be it finally Resolved, that the Traditional O’odham Leaders also charge the Mexican Government, both Federal and State, to honor its responsibility to facilitate open communication with the O’odham representatives in the State of Sonora, Mexico, and to support decisions in the best interest of the O’odham, the Original people of the Land.
Resolution officially adopted on November 7th, 2011 at official meeting of the Traditional O’odham Leaders
held in Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico.

Also From O’odham Solidarity Project:

For Immediate Release September 30, 2011
Silver Scott announces 12,000 Hectares Acquired by the Company adjacent to the Quitovac
Mine area, Sonora Mexico
Hilton Head, SC – Silver Scott Mines, Inc. (OTC: is pleased to announce it has increased its mineral concession holdings in the Quitovac Mine area in northern Sonora state.

The Company had previously announced the acquisition of the Quitivac Mine concessions (Feb.10, 2011). The Quitovac mine area previously acquired consists of 13 older concessions totaling about 2500 hectares covering more than a 3 km. long zone of shear related gold mineralization. Previous property operators have calculated shallow drill hole based historic resources ranging from a low of 112,000 ounces gold in a resource averaging 3.14 grams Au per tonne (Technical Report, 2002) ranging up to 325,560 oz. Au in a resource averaging 1.35 grams per tonne.

The new 12,000 hectare concession acquired by the Company covers a large area south and west of the older concessions but on trend of the gold mineralization from the mine area. Much of the new concession area is pediment gravel covered. The previously mined La Choya gold mine operated by Hecla Mining Co. is located about 8 km southeast of the Quitovac mine and 2 kms east of the new concession. Paved highway, electric power, and water are available within 3 km of the project site.

for the full PDF of the companies release read here

Please help support the struggle to defeat this mine. If you are in tucson please show your support and attend the December fundraiser for O’odham VOICE Against the WALL. Here is a link to the Event.

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