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Survival Solidarity is actively engaged in confronting the oppression that has plagued the earth since the spread of civilization, nation-states and capitalism. We recognize that the oppression we seek to destroy has deep origins within the colonialist mentalities some of us are born with. We will spend lifetimes working to break our alliances with colonialism. We know how necessary it is for us to challenge colonizer privilege within the communities that it exists in. We are actively engaged in the process of learning who originally lived where we now do. We work to liberate the land we are currently occupying while helping the indigenous people that are resisting colonization.

Support, Defense & Attack!

Through supporting indigenous people defending their land and attacking the larger systems that continue to dominate, we attempt to engage in the long overdue process of decolonization. Part of this process for us is working to form alliances with indigenous communities that are working toward their liberation.

Survival Solidarity focuses on paths to creating and sustaining liberation. While resistance is important, building the necessary tools for survival is a must. Survival Solidarity is working to support all attempts to lessen the impact we have on the earth.

Practicing self-defense techniques to protect ourselves and our loved ones is also a must! We practice self-defense techniques together and work to share these lessons with others. We also find it necessary to study traditional ways of creating more natural food sources that aid in healing the land around us.

Survival Solidarity acknowledges that the path to decolonization is a war. From these wars come prisoners. Survival Solidarity fully supports all prisoners of liberation struggles and works to spread the stories of these prisoners.

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