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Prisoner Support

Support prisoners in the struggle!

Here in Tucson we have been hosting Letters to Prisoners potluck parties. Writing letters is the most basic and easy form of prisoner support, so we figured there’s no reason why we shouldn’t hang out, eat some food, write some letters and invite everybody to come over and do the same. We’ve recently put together an introductory zine to list resources, provide basic information and opinion. This zine can be viewed by clicking below:

Tucson Letters to Prisoners Zine

If you’d like to find out when our next get together is we can be contacted at:

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  1. nix permalink
    April 8, 2010 9:43 pm

    hey, for the praxis youth confrence there will be a prisoner support table. there will be lots of youth from tucson there.. are there letter writing days planned in the future there- that i can tell the tucson youth about?

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