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Indigenous Solidarity Links

Friends of People Close to Nature

West Papua- Free to Choose (Video)– A documentary about the human rights struggle in West Papua (formerly western New Guinea-now annexed by Indonesia). And where, for 40 years a brutal military have suppressed with horrific violence the native Melanesian people. This film shows how Freeport-McMoRan Corporation is destroying the sacred ancestral homeland of the Amungme tribe and much of the surrounding Papuan rain-forest, rivers and coastline, while the people of West Papua struggle for their survival.

Free West Papua

Mines & Communities

Solidarity South Pacific

Sweet Crude- A Documentary Film

Black Mesa Indigenous Support

Save the Peaks

Ecology Related Pages

Root Force

Derrick Jensen

The Current Mass Extinction


Green Anarchist

Insurgent Desire- The Online Green Anarchy Archive

Food and Traditional Skills

Wild Abundance


Teaching Drum Outdoor School

Dancing Hawk School of Simple Living

Traditional Tanners

Primitive Ways

Elk Center

Bountiful Gardens

Edible Forest Gardens

Permaculture Activist

Wild Food Adventures

Ecology Action

Self Defense

It is a natural right to defend yourself, your loved ones and your community from assault. Learn how from the websites and search suggestions below
Home Alive

Body Weight Culture

Raw- Hatmaker Combat Sports Training

Filipino Combat Systems

Sayoc International Group

Atienza Kali

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Recommended Searches:

Forest Gardening

Muay Thai Training
Boxing Training
BJJ Training
Grappling Training

Panantukan Filipino Boxing



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