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July 22, 2011

Today is day six of the cook shack convergence on the Holy San Francisco Peaks. What follows is a short collection of videos and photos that have come out of the cook shack convergence as well as background information on the encampment against further desecration and destruction.

Monday July 18, was an intense day at camp. The mountain was host to an intense hail storm that left piles of hail at the base of everyone’s tents. There was also intense thunder and lightning throughout the day and night. This did however lead to a brief halt in construction though. Unfortunately, once the hail let up workers resumed destruction quickly. Huge fires have been consuming the slash-piles at the base of the mountain day and night.

We have been visited from friends as far away as LA. On Friday July 15 LA Food Not Bombs came out to support the camp with a crew ready to cook. They helped the camp till Sunday. Since then meals have been taken on by the rest of the camp. The camp has received a large amount of in-town-support in the form of food donations as well as basic camping supplies in response to a call-out for supplies from the cook shack. The camp has fluctuated in numbers since Friday but camp spirits have remained positive throughout everyone’s stay.

Interactions with security and the state in general have been minimal. However a few brushins and one trespassing citation have emerged from the almost weeklong stay. The upper parking lot area where cookshack is located is a day use area only meaning, technically during the times of 8pm and 6am when snowbowl road is closed the upper parking lot is as well. On the morning of the 16, as two campers approached their vehicle between 5-6am had a snowbowl security personnel speed towards them and take their pictures with zero consent or any beforehand interaction. The security guard later approached and asked one of the campers if they would mind filling out a form with their persynal information. When the camper refused to do so and stated that they were being profiled. The security guard deferred to a “i’m just doing my job” stance and further stating that Snowbowl instructed him to document everyone that was in the upper parking lot area past the day use hours. He said it was due to “suspicious activity” occurring in the parking lot.

After conducting a hike observing the destruction and slash pile burning on Wednesday the 20, one camper was sited with a trespassing citation. The full charge is 75 dollars. After giving the camper a ticket US forest rangers then questioned two other campers on the where-abouts of the camp. The ranger for a short time was set on finding the camp and ID’ing everyone present. Campers were able to persuade the officers to enter camp or continue searching for the where-abouts of the physical camp.

Later in the evening a reporter for the Navajo times also said she was followed by an officer her entire drive down from Snowbowl.

All in all The camp has been going smoothly. Thanks to a pouring in of support there has been a pretty consistent supply of food and camping supplies. However it has been difficult to obtain other equipment. Donations of gift card to hardware stores would carry our camp really far. Also gift cards to sporting goods stores (REI, Sports Authority…etc) would help us get more specific gear and supplies that we need.

Those of the cook shack would like to thank everyone that has given us your support. The reality of things are that we still need more help if we are going to be a part of ending snowbowls war on the peaks. We are in need of a much larger presense of supporters. What that means is people on the peaks ready to take action. Hope to see all of you soon!

The following is a statement from the Cook Shack:

To be visibly and actively in resistance to corporate greed, state violence, environmental destruction, and spiritual desecration.

To not allow ourselves or others to look away – To bear witness to the atrocities being committed against the environment, indigenous people and community health, as well as bear witness to the resilience and power of the people!

To support other encampments and affinity groups by providing access to available food, gear, first aid, information and other supplies being offered and dropped off by supporters and community members. We will be transporting donations from drop places in Flagstaff to the CookShack base camp.

To answer the calls to action to STOP CONSTRUCTION AND DESECRATION and to stand with people past and present fighting to protect the peaks and all sacred places.

Join us for a few hours, a day, a week or a month: If you find yourself in affinity with us and would like to join us or support us and other base camps, please stop by Taala Hooghan Infoshop (1704 N. 2nd St. East Flagstaff AZ 86004) or e-mail us at to drop off supplies and/or get more info. Connect with us before Friday morning and go with us to the mountain to set-up camp!!!

We remind folks that this is a drug/alcohol/hater free encampment, and we support a diversity of tactics and strategies. Please come as self sufficient as possible.

We encourage everyone to answer the calls to action and start their own affinity groups and their own base camps!!! Please visit for the latest info.

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  1. Mary Sojourner permalink
    July 25, 2011 4:47 pm

    If you can’t or won’t camp, there is plenty to do. We held a deep-spirited prayer/song/words/poetry circle on Saturday, July 23 just below the lower parking lot. “We” were 35 women, men, old and young, children, babies. We will reconvene the circle on Saturday, July 30at 11. Please join us and tell your mountain-lover friends and family.

  2. August 10, 2011 11:07 am

    Thank you for the courage and leadership, taking action to respect native culture and sacred sites. And thanks for the news!

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