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Clear-Cutting Continues on the Peaks-Take Action Now!

July 13, 2011

Clear-Cutting Continues on the Peaks-Take Action Now!

These photos are from Saturday July 9, 2011, courtesy strongholdz media. There are currently two massive sections of Clear Cuts that begin directly behind (east of) the Heart prarie lodge. To those entering snowbowl to take a “recreational” hike the cuts are neatly hidden out of sight and roped off to the public (allegedly for the public’s saftey.

As a point of reference, please use this map of Arizona Snowbowls proposed development to  better familiarize your self with the lifts and lodges named in this article. Just click and it will open in a separate window that you can then zoom in and out of:

These photos are from Saturday July 9, 2011. There are currently two massive sections of Clear Cuts that begin directly behind (east of) the Heart prarie lodge. To those entering snowbowl to take a “recreational” hike the cuts are neatly hidden out of sight and roped off to the public (allegedly for the public’s saftey.)

According to Arizona Snowbowl owner Eric Borowski the Clear-cutting began on june 20 (by Flagstaff logging business High Desert Investment Company). After more than two weeks of rapid-reckless clear-cutting the cutting has reached the nearest road to the base of theHeart Prairie lift.

In the photos above  you can see the tops of downed trees covering the road nearest the top of the lift.

From above in this photo you can see how the cuts are sprawling their way through the mountain. Unfortunetly this photo is merely a fraction of the cutting snowbowl has completed to date. It is an even smaller fraction of the  more than 74 acres the US department of agriculture has signed away to Arizona Snowbowl.

Numerous piles of downed trees lay lifeless strewn about the base of the mountain such as the ones shown here located near the top lodge.

It has been said that Snowbowl is planning to sell the trees they are cutting from the Peaks. To further increase the profit being made off of the desecration of a sacred site. Where will snowbowl stop? better question to ask yourself what will you do to stop Arizona Snowbowl?

Many of these trees are Old-Growth trees that have been alive for centuries. Some of the trees stacked for sale are more five feet wide. From where the trees have been viciously chopped down a trail of trenches full of tree remnants follow. Sawdust, broken limbs and piles of disshoveld soil remain where a sensite intact ecosystem was once rooted.

The current attack on the Peaks from Arizona follows the wings of more than 500 years of violent colonization on this continent. As seen with the June 17, areest of the six that locked-down to waste-water pipes and a dozer, Arizona snowbowl is ready with the aid of the state to arrest and charge anyone willing to intervene with this process of present day colonization.  Which is not surprising coming from someone who disregards an area that has been held sacred to 13 different tribes.

And this is why we must all continue to resist. Snowbowls construction operation is far from a stable project see this recent  from recent Arizona Daily Sun article: Logging starts at Snowbowl

“Snowbowl had been hesitant to take out loans to cover construction at the ski area until the outcome of a lawsuit raising questions about the safety of using reclaimed wastewater to make snow is known.
Construction is now proceeding with cash the ski area had on hand, Borowsky said.
“We feel very comfortable about the next court proceeding because it’s just a bogus lawsuit … but we’re not going to borrow any money until the court opinion is finalized,” Borowsky said.

If more intervention with Borowskys destruction of the peaks continues he will surely find it increasingly difficult to move forward…

What can you do to help?

Contact Flagstaff City Officials and urge them to RESPECT the environment, Indigenous culture, and protect public health by finding a way out of their contract to sell Snowbowl wastewater!
PHONE: (928) 779-7600

Also, If you have a chance please non-violently protest these organizations:

Contact Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and express concern that there was no meaningful public process when the agency approved wastewater for snowmaking. File a complaint and demand full public review!

(Above photo from last years protest of this agency)

Northern Regional Office
1801 West Route 66, Suite 117
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
(877) 602-3675 – Toll Free

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
1110 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
(602) 771-2300 – General Information
(800) 234-5677 – Toll Free
(602) 771-4829 – TDD

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Southern Regional Office (SRO)
400 West Congress Street, Suite 433
Tucson, Arizona 85701
(520) 628-6733 – General Information
(888) 271-9302 – Toll Free
(520) 628-6745 – Fax
The us department of agriculture has the authority to stop the clear-cutting at any minuet.

See this statement from the six protesters who locked-down in June:

– Join us and others in physically stopping all Snowbowl development!

– Honor and defend Indigenous Peoples’ inherent right to protect Sacred

– Resist colonialism and capitalism! Embrace diverse tactics to end
Snowbowl’s and all corporate greed

– Demand USDA end Snowbowl’s Special Use Permit

– Demand that the City of Flagstaff Mayor and Council find a way out of
their contract to sell wastewater to Snowbowl

– Demand that Arizona Department of Environmental Quality change its
permission allowing wastewater to be used for snowmaking.

— Protect the Peaks! –

Join a Base camp or donate to them!

We need the following please remember we’re camping when making your donations!

To be able to survive:

  • – non-perishable foods (canned and dry foods are great!)
  • – lots of potable water in reusable/refillable containers
  • (Please DO NOT bring small plastic bottles)

To be able to camp:

  • -tents
  • -sleeping bags
  • -rain gear
  • -ammo cans with securely fitting lids
  • -camp chairs
  • -flash lights
  • -batteries
  • -lanterns
  • -tarps
  • -rope

To be able to cook:

  • -big pots
  • -canopies
  • -propane stoves
  • -propane tanks
  • -disinfecting cleaning supplies (please nothing including triclosan)
  • -coffee pots
  • -tubs to wash dishes and other dish washing supplies

To be able to document and communicate:

  • -still and video cameras
  • -People with stills and video cameras
  • -solar charging stations

To be able to support each other:

  • -First Aid supplies
  • -Medics with Skills
  • -support vehicle on the mountain
  • -support vehicles on call who can transport supplies and people
  • -banners to be visible!!!!

If you think of something else that isn’t on this list that we or other base camps might need, please don’t hesitate to donate.

We thank you for all your love, support and spirit!

The CookShack Base Camp

  • E-mail us – ptpcookshack@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Follow us on Twitter – @ptpcookshack
  • Friend us on Facebook – Peaks CookShack

for more information please visit:

Indigenous action media

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  1. dawn permalink
    July 17, 2011 8:59 am

    This is so horrible, its even worse up close, thank you for documenting this…

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