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Save the Peaks!!A call for decentralized action

July 8, 2011

A call for decentralized action

editor: This came in over the email system with a request to post for all the world. This is from the second affinity group to form and start their basecamp. They are calling themselves wage slave.

Take to the forest. Set up shop and start your plans. It has never felt so good to take your own power back. They can’t stop you from camping in the woods – it is not illegal. Set up your basecamp now. Become what your heart desires. All walks of life in Flagstaff look to the mountain for all kinds of relief. From the most necessary medicines to a playful romp in the snow, she gives it all. It is time we give back. The earth cannot handle the strain we are placing on her and further artificial means will only hasten her demise. Help stop the madness now….

….Organize now, before it is too late and we all have to live with the decisions of one greedy business owner who thought he could play god. If the mountain really is a sacred place worth defending, that time is right now!!!

Start an anonymous twitter page and start tweeting with the hashtag #nopoopsnow and we can start to talk to each other. Besides you can go to to see this hash’s feed. You can also make more hashes and use to aggregate them on the fly and see how it all works.

Decentralize…mobilize…take your power back!

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