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New zine on the Peaks!

May 25, 2011

This zine is the second of Strongholdz medias publications (Saving the San Francisco Peaks August 2010)  efforts to help spread the story of the battle being fought to protect the San Francisco Peaks from Arizona Snowbowl. Arizona Snowbowl has been invading the Peaks since the 1930’s. Recently on March 31, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied an emergency motion to stop Snowbowl ski area and the U.S. Department of Agriculture from cutting down thousands of trees on the San Francisco Peaks, outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. On May 24, 2011 Snowbowl owner Eric Borowski announced his plans to start development.
Arizona Snowbowl is a clear example of present day colonialism. If Snowbowl does attempt to expand they will undoubtably be meet with resistance. The San Francisco Peaks are sacred to 13 tribes.  Help protect the Peaks by sharing this story and organizing to  defend them from Arizona Snowbowl!


for more information on the  San Francisco Peaks please

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