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Dear NSM Rainbow Riot will GENDER FUCK YOU UP!

November 13, 2010

In continuance of pre-existing efforts to strengthen the Rainbow Rioting radical tranz and queer bonds within Arizona radical communities comes this message from the burning wreckage of every closet that once confined our desires. The tranz and queerz (T&Q) people of AZ will be on the wings of the phoenix bringing the rainbow riot to the faces of the NSM on Saturday November 13.

Before going any further we must first acknowledge our fight is taking place on the occupied land of the Akimel O’odham Pi-Posh land. We stand in resistance with settlers actively challenging ALL of their privileges. Of the same vein of resistance we stand in solidarity with every indigenous persyn fighting to preserve their way of life. We come together Saturday against the hate of the NSM that originated on this continent from the same people that would feed two-spirited people to dogs in fear of them undermining their violently assimilated patriarchal culture. From the fights of the first two-spirted people to the stonewall riots to tomorrow we say FUCK THIS SHIT! FUCK NSM and every patriarchal, racist piece of hatred that follows them.

We also recognize that Saturdays fight is of the same streak of resistance that others hold to protect their sacred sites; such as the 13 tribes fighting against snowbowl to save the peaks. In continuance of the same efforts that protect Quitovac. The hate that NSM represents is the mirror image of every colonial threat that we wish to shatter. They are the same plague of the imperialist border patrol and state assigned politicians that the O’odham fight and resist daily. They are the same haters the anarchists work against as allies to help protect the last nine O’ohdahm tribes of this area. It is the same hatred that displaces families on big mountain and continues to scavenge the land for more place to exploit all that is natural through mining and other earth ravaging practices.

As Tranz and Queer people living in Arizona we see the violence of these hate groups targeting every oppressed persyn within their hate filled reach. Anyone not filling the dominant institutionalized white supremacist paradigm that the NSM follows and strives to uphold is a target to them. That is why we are refusing to allow their organizing go unchallenged. The hate these groups breed is the backbone of the tension that fills the air between every persyn struggling to obtain their basic necessities. We know that fighting every organized form of oppression is an integral step on our path to an all-encompassing liberation.

While we identify with the principals of anarchism in general, there are thorns that protrude out of our memories that assist us in deconstructing our internalized learned oppressive behaviors. We not only fight against the organized oppression of the right yet we are daily sizing up the useless non-violent silencing tactics of the left. Our nervous systems have also become akin to being alert to the perpetuated unnecessary violence within every abusive shark circle of anarchists. We reject those that equate our efforts to challenge abusive behavior within our selves and our movement to identity politics. This is a continuance of the hatred spewed from the lips of the NSM and their followers. If we wish to be a serious threat to our oppressors’ we must first take the appropriate steps to create strong safe circles that represent the liberated future we wish to see.

To avoid unnecessary finger pointing and nay-saying we openly accept our showdown tomorrow as one tactic toward our liberation. We understand that standing together and hurling ferocious words at the enemy can only push their dominance aback so far. However we are the same people that yell back at night every time we are harassed. We are the ones training in the park to defend our friends and ourselves. We answer calls of solidarity to our friends and allies and respond tooth and claw when we are under attack. We are not only burning down the closets we ready to kick the shit outta the people stealing the wood to make them and forcing the oppressed to build them!

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