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Report back on the Border opposition Action Fund Art Auction!

November 11, 2010

…For those who aren’t familiar with Border Opposition Action Fund(BOAF), we are raising money to both support anti-border direct action that has already taken place and to fund future actions against borders and the continued colonization of Indigenous people and land in our area. We are a small group of Anarchists living in occupied Tohono O’odham territory (Tucson, AZ) who consider ourselves children of settlers and colonizers. This may sound cliché or silly to some but it is a reality that we must keep in the forefront of our thoughts as we work in solidarity with indigenous allies and for a world without borders. As part of our politics we feel that it is necessary to support the continuing fights of indigenous people against colonization. We also recognize that as the State further legalizes institutional racism and white supremacy it is the community as a whole that must respond. And we must respond with strong opposition not only to the laws which they pass but to the everyday actions and attitudes that have continued for hundreds of years. Let us not forget that racial profiling was present long before the State began to (re)legitimize it.

We formed BOAF after a presentation called Supporting Direct Action. It was hosted by a participant in the Border Patrol Headquarters lock-down that took place in Tucson. It was partially due to their charges and call for support as well as the necessity to support some of our Phoenix comrades who were targeted by Phoenix Police and left hung out to dry by mainstream organizers in the Phoenix area after a march against Sheriff Arpaio.

To read the full Story please click here

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