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Stronghold Zine

July 23, 2010

From within the Stronghold publishing/distro cell of Survival Solidarity a new zine arises. Far from perfect, close to nothing…. Stronghold is brought to you in the loving memory of every “Strong Hearts” zine. Stronghold is dedicated to every life of the wild Sandhill Crane ever taken in vain. We also dedicate it to the spirit of every warrior that has lost their life in the war against borders, colonization and the fight to protect all things sacred. May each page be a spit into the face of past, present and future repression.


Through the creation of the “Stronghold” zine comes the death of “Survival Solidarity”. Within less than a year the initial solidarity that formed the notion of “Survival Solidarity” has evaporated in the summer heat.

Like drops of rain blustering through the monsoon breezes of the occupied Akimel O’odham Pi-Posh land this is typed from, the ideas of Survival Solidarity still fly into the faces of our oppressors. Our actions strike like the lightning. Our theory tiger claws the system. Our hearts pouring out across the communities we walk through with extended arms of solidarity new bonds are formed and an even greater fire of resistance begins to kindle. We exit the present and climb into our stronghold of the future and prepare for larger battles.

Over the course of the next few days or months the next chapter of Survival Solidarity in the form of other Stronghold projects will unfold. We invite you to join us in the spray painting and penning of the future!

Best Wishes! Demand the Impossible!

“With a strong heart, the spirit of the earth which is our greatest strength, will never leave you.”

—Memories of Freedom

~To be Continued

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