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Support Community Responses/Call-out From Sum

July 13, 2010

This piece was originally written by: Sum

End NAFTA , NO to continued invasions on O’odham land! NO to environmental destruction to secure the border! Border Security = Militarization

Transformative Justice NOT the Police State!! NO to forced divisions between us and our brothers and sisters based on immigration status (or anything for that matter)!

by Sum

Arizona is the site of the worst immigration legislation so far.  SB 1070 (aka Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act) further criminalizes and targets undocumented immigrants- increasing fear, harassment, arrests, and sanctioning state-sponsored hate.  This is only one part of a war on migrants and a larger war on people of color and the poor.  This law has been a catalyst for a round of civil disobedience actions in and outside of Arizona. While higher numbers and stronger opposition by decentralized action is needed in Arizona, the struggle should not be focused solely on SB1070. Capitalism, neo-liberalism, imperialism, and state power are root causes of migration and of oppression. This bill has been in the making for hundreds of years and now is the time to expose this by taking to the streets!

We’re calling for anarchists and other anti-authoritarians making plans to participate in creative actions here in Arizona! We are interested in solidarity, creativity, broadly-focused analysis and direct action.  Many folks from the RCP to ANSWER in addition to the more moderate and conservative elements of the immigrants’ rights movement are organizing and promoting their pseudo-solutions here.  We are not concerned with managing the struggle or with maintaining reputations worthy of scholarships and political office.   This message against borders, for freedom, and breaking down all the borders between us (gender, sexuality, race, etc.) is necessary now more than ever.

Here in Arizona, we are broadening the struggle beyond SB 1070 and just migrants’ rights (see examples of recent actions below).  The immigrant rights movement has touted Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) as the answer. A big part of the CIR plan is heightened border security.  Border security means militarization, which will only get worse if border security is part of CIR.  The border, some of which is a constructed wall, divides O’odham land, preventing or complicating border-crossing for many members of this indigenous community.   They are now required to carry passports, they get their personal belongings searched at checkpoints going back and forth from visiting family and attending gatherings, and some O’odham people have been violently threatened at gunpoint by Border Patrol.

The federal government militarizes and builds walls along the border, runs the detention centers caging hundreds of thousands of migrants, and has plans for more border security.  Their intentions are not benevolent, even if some folks are “legalized” through reform.  We mustn’t call for the federal government to swoop down and save Arizona or any other state facing similar legislation when they are equally part of the problem.  If we limit our goals, when will all this end? The border and immigration law are illegitimate in the face of the colonization of this land.

In connecting with each other in this struggle we must also deepen our connections to our communities. Our everyday interactions can break the borders of skin privilege, class, settler privilege, and resolve conflict stemming from cultural differences as we work together.

While you are here, recognize that you are on O’odham land. Familiarize yourself with the resources below, and determine how you can take action and support indigenous resistance in Arizona. Come with courage, respect, and humility. Let’s get creative!

There is limited information about plans so far, but the bill will go into effect before we know it (July 29 pending any obstacles).  There will be actions throughout the month, but July 28-30 is critical for support. Sherriff Arpaio is planning to raid the county with another “crime suppression operation” July 30th. We must keep organizing against whiteness/white supremacy promoted in the interest of capitalism and the state.  We must strategize on creative solutions to demilitarize the border. Continuing in the months ahead, we will actively target icons within this system of violence, and organize for the liberation and self-determination of our communities.

Meet up in Civic Space Park July 28th 7pm 424 North Central Ave.

Please view these resources:

Check out these recent actions for an idea of what’s been going on here::

no one is free until everybody is free

“When we support each other in actions and tense situations, when we act together to protect the most vulnerable among us, when we can face the potential violence of the system in community instead of alone, we undermine fear.

When we cease complying out of fear, we force the system to actually enforce its decrees. This is costly in terms of money, materials, and the undermining of public support. We force the system to reveal the underlying violence that supports it.” – Starhawk

Need assistance with housing rideshares and participating despite ability?

Desire to give/need by providing daycare, LGBTQ solidarity, to feed the masses, medic skills, fundraising, legal assistance, wanna connect a skillshare, and whatever else you can think of-

Contact: breakthruborders(a)

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