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April 19, 2010

Tucson May 1st Coalition for Immigrant and Worker Rights Puts Call-Out for Unity

The following is from the Tucson May 1 Coalitions web page.  They are the main group that organizes the May Day march in Chuk’shon. They have put a call-out for other groups to help organize this years March. They are asking for everything from Monetary donations to help with advertising. They have also invited others to join in on the decision making process by sending representatives to their meetings that take place every Tuesday night from 6pm – 7:30pm, at the Armory Park Senior Center 220 S. 5th Ave.

A powerful and massive united stand against this onslaught is urgently needed.

May Day 2010 must be the spark that unites all those who dare to build the kind of movement capable of stopping ALL the attacks on workers, students and youth in our communities. May Day 2010 must support all those who are taking bold organized stands against the attacks upon the working class.

Our working class youth must be supported in their rapidly developing mobilizations against the relentless attack on the TUSD Ethnic Studies Program, extreme budget cuts, tuition increases, school closures, and unemployment and police brutality. The issues facing our children and young adults are part of the overall attack against working families and their communities.

Our Tucson community is one rich with many different cultures, customs, traditions, histories and ways of life. There are groups and individuals who view such a beautiful environment as something to fear and something that must be destroyed. It is time to stand together as one and say “YA BASTA!” to the attacks on everything we hold dear and of value in our community.

To see more from the Tucson May 1st Coalition for Immigrant and Worker Rights visit thier web page.

PDF of call-out

PDF of poster to help advertise

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