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Chuk’shon May Day March and Rally May 1

April 18, 2010

Chuk’shon May Day March and Rally May 1

The following is from Chuk’shon anarchists and anti-authoritarians. Survival Solidarity hopes to help promote others attending this March. For more information on the March please visit the Tucson May Day web page

A small contingent of  Tucson anarchists and anti-authoritarians invites others to join us for the annual May Day march. Known internationally as workers’ day, May Day has deep ties to anarchism as many of the organizers of the 1886 strike for the 8-hour work day were indeed anarchists.
Here in Tucson, it has been tied to immigration struggles for the last few years. We see no conflict with this, as most immigrants around the world are people who have been dislocated from their homes and cultures, forced into the working class by globalized neo-liberalism. We say, “Welcome!” to those who feel they have little choice but to move in order to care for their families and themselves.

Borders are arbitrary lines drawn in the sand by nation-states in order to control the movement of capital and goods, as well as working people. We stand in solidarity with those who openly defy the laws of the state by crossing borders for the purpose of making a better life for themselves. We oppose the racist and classist rhetoric that immigrants are somehow to fault for economic conditions, or that they are criminals bent on destroying the “American Dream”(laughable implications indeed).

We are not calling for a black bloc. At this time we see no tactical reason for one. We are focusing on sharing basic anarchist analyses and critique by producing informational pamphlets for distribution and banners. We are also making plans for this to be a fun and energetic march. Whether you march with us or not, we are calling on everyone, especially white and working class people to come and show your solidarity with workers of the world.
So join in the festivities on Saturday May 1, at 9am at El Casino Ballroom. The march begins at 10am and ends at Armory Park, 6th Ave & 12th St. here a rally will begin at 11am. See you there.

Opposing Borders!
Opposing Rulers!

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